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Healthcare Accounting & Medicare Cost Report

Healthcare Accounting & Medicare Cost Report

Within the last 25 years our Healthcare Accounting Service in Miami have prepared hundreds of Medicare Cost Report and our commitment to Healthcare Accounting Service has grown stronger as the financial changes have forced the healthcare industry to look past their primary objective, that of providing care, to that of earning a living.

Our Healthcare Accounting Service abilities will aid the preparation of a tax return and especially Medicare Cost Report. Tax & Medicare laws are complicated and filled using exceptions to every regulation. Most clients do not know if the return is wrong and right, and it may well not matter since defending an audit, even if you are 100% correct, can cost you thousands of dollars. In many cases, different Healthcare Accounting Service will discover things differently and get different conclusions good facts of your go back. The most important thing is that you understand what is on the return. The IRS & MEDICARE get increased the fines and penalties for return errors plus its becoming increasingly more complicated to arrange a return or Medicare Cost Report.

We’ve had clients who prepare their own Medicare Cost Report, come to him after the Medicare has suspended billing during a review.

Healthcare Accounting Service

Our Healthcare Accounting Service are precisely that – healthcare accountants. With Gustavo A Viera CPA you will be assured that your Medicare Cost Report company has significant, relevant experience with healthcare providers like you. Your Healthcare Accounting Service team will involve individuals who spend virtually all of their professional time serving that healthcare industry – not necessarily manufacturing, retail or some other industries.

Viera provides audit and Healthcare Accounting to healthcare entities ranging in dimensions from small physician practices and ancillary providers to help multi-state integrated healthcare organizations with assets for longer than $1 billion. This experience across the spectrum of healthcare enables Healthcare Accounting Service to quickly identify the financial reporting areas of greatest risk to your small business and to more efficiently and effectively perform audit or accounting services. Further, our Healthcare Accounting Service teams are structured providing our senior executives more hours with our clients so as to provide the hands on encounter and oversight.

The following can be a partial listing of the categories of audit and Healthcare Accounting solutions Gustavo A Viera CPA offers our clients:

· Audits, feedback, and compilations of fiscal statements

· Audits in acquiescence with Government Auditing Principles and OMB Circular A-133

· Internal control reviews and risk assessments

· Impairment testing of intangible possessions

· Agreed-upon procedure reports together with special reporting

· Transaction accounting assistance, including allocation of final cost

· New accounting standard setup

· Outsourcing of inside audit functions

· Accounting insurance coverage and procedure manual advancement

As Healthcare Accounting Service dedicated to serving the healthcare market (over 75% of our revenues are healthcare related), we have available that resources to supplement the extensive knowledge of our Healthcare Accounting Service through the use of our dedicated reimbursement, scientific and healthcare tax sections. Our relationships with loaning institutions, bond underwriters and rating agencies are in a way that Viera is a nationally recognized Healthcare Accounting Service in connection with debt issues.

Our Medicare Cost Report consults practices and healthcare related small businesses at every stage with the business cycle across that spectrum of medical areas and allied fields. We help you to increase income, reduce costs and increase client/patient satisfaction.

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