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Miami Healthcare Accounting Services

Miami Healthcare Accounting Services

Miami Healthcare Accounting Services For Medical Professionals. Expert in healthcare accounting. Preparation of AHCA Proof of Financial Ability to Operate

Miami Healthcare Accounting Services by Accountants in Miami expert healthcare accountants. AHCA Proof of Financial Ability to Operate form 3100-0009.

Accountants in Miami are expert Miami Healthcare Accounting Services provider. Accounting Services provider. We have the relevant experience healthcare accountants require. We can quickly identify the financial reporting areas of greatest risk to your organization and to perform our services more efficiently and effectively.

Our Miami Healthcare Accounting Services provides audit and Accounting Services to healthcare entities ranging in size from small physician practices and ancillary providers to multi-state integrated healthcare organizations. This experience across the spectrum of healthcare allows our CPA Firm to quickly identify the financial reporting areas of greatest risk to your organization and to more efficiently and effectively perform audit or accounting services. Further, our accounting firm is structured to allow our senior executives more time with our clients in order to provide the “hands-on” experience and oversight.

The following is a partial listing of the types of Miami Healthcare Accounting Services Accountants in Miami offers our clients:

  • Compilations of financial statements
  • Employee Benefit Plan audits (defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and 403(b) plans)
  • Audits in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133
  • Internal control reviews and risk assessments
  • Impairment testing of intangible assets
  • Agreed-upon procedure reports and special reporting
  • Transaction accounting assistance, including the allocation of purchase price
  • New accounting standard implementation
  • Forensic accounting and dispute resolution
  • Outsourcing of internal audit functions
  • Accounting policy and procedure manual development

As a CPA focused on Miami Healthcare Accounting Services (a majority of our revenues are healthcare-related), Accountants in Miami has available the resources to supplement the extensive knowledge of our accounting and bookkeeping services through the use of our dedicated reimbursement, clinical, and healthcare tax departments. Our relationships with lending institutions, bond underwriters, and rating agencies are such that Accountants in Miami are nationally recognized experts in connection with Miami Healthcare Accounting Services.

Physician Accountants

Discover opportunities that can improve your practice operations, financial performance, and strategic position. Our accountants can help you focus on improving the fundamentals and key stressors that most impact physician (owner) satisfaction. Our accountants can provide everything from targeted support in specific physician practice areas to complete practice start-up and turn around services. Whatever you need to reach practice objectives and remove barriers to high-performance results, our team of practice management and physician services experts stands ready to help.

We bring a depth of consulting and “real world” experience and knowledge to your challenges. It is what we enjoy most…finding solutions to your most difficult issues. Our Miami Healthcare Accounting Services, we deliver a wide range of services to support your physician practice needs including:

Practice operations assessments

  • Physician compensation and income distribution plan models
  • Physician-hospital alignment assessment
  • Strategic consultation and planning (targeted, retreat facilitation, and comprehensive support)
  • Quality program initiatives
  • Comprehensive crisis management (in any area of practice)
  • Organizational structure, development, and leadership
  • Regulatory compliance (assessment, training, and facilitation)
  • Benchmark reports development
  • Revenue cycle assessment and management
  • Turnkey startups and transitions

Our Miami Healthcare Accounting Services recognize the wide-ranging needs of various practices, and this list simply highlights our comprehensive ability to provide a depth of support for every facet of your practice. We are committed to working alongside you in an effort to maximize your practice’s full potential and deliver services that exceed your expectations.


Miami Healthcare Accounting Services

Miami Healthcare Accounting Services For Medical Professionals. Expert in healthcare accounting. Preparation of AHCA Proof of Financial Ability to Operate

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