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Successful Entrepreneurs Are “Ideal Clients” For Accountants

Successful Entrepreneurs Are “Ideal Clients” For Accountants

For Accountants, successful business owners are very often “ideal clients.”

This is due to the fact they are the engines of private wealth creation, especially extreme private wealth creations.

Not only are successful businesses the primary source of private wealth creation, but successful business owners also require and seek out an often-broad array of expertise. Moreover, they will usually pay, and pay well, for high-quality advice. Successful business owners include:

  • Owners of family businesses
  • Owners of privately held companies
  • Owners of professional practices and other types of partnerships

For successful entrepreneurs, their accountants are regularly their primary “go-to” professionals. As so many critical business decisions are entwined with the financials of the company, these high-caliber entrepreneurs depend on their accountants to help them navigate the possibilities and make wise choices. This is not to say that other types of professionals are not also consulted at various times. It is just that accountants are consulted more often and – very importantly – their erudite opinions carry a great deal of weight.

Based on a survey of 394 Accountants, successful business owners are readily identified by about seven out of ten of the accountants surveyed as to their “ideal clients.”  There is a strong relationship between the money they earn and their perception of accountants as “ideal clients.” For accountants earning between $200,000 and $500,000, about two-thirds say business owners are “ideal clients.” This percentage rises to three-quarters for accountants earning between $500,000 to $700,000. Meanwhile, 90% of accountants earning $1 million or more per year say business owners are “ideal clients.”

For those accountants focusing on successful business owners and their companies, by systematically identifying new opportunities to add value and strategically positioning their expertise, the financial returns are substantial. It is not uncommon to literally increase per client profitability by multiples.

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