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Move Accounting to the Cloud & Staff Meetings to Bars

Accounting are Advocates for Working Remotely

The coronavirus has caused every accounting team to change their operations. With the help of cloud technology, accounting teams have barely been impacted. Except in one area, Camaraderie. People miss face to face in person interactions. 

I am an advocate of Working Remotely. But I too get cabin fever and miss seeing my coworkers in person. So one-way accounting firms can overcome that is to have regularly scheduled lunches or happy hour for employees to mingle and catch up. Obviously, this must be implemented slowly as we beat the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way our entire society works, forcing everyone to reduce their number of social interactions. Non-essential businesses are now nearly entirely online based, with many companies finding that working remotely can be even more efficient than working in office.

For accountants still operating like it’s 1999, this move online has exposed outdated inefficiencies which were already there before the pandemic struck. For those still using legacy systems and unwilling to change, the future looks bleak. 

The same applies to small and mid-sized businesses. Traditional internal accounting often requires you to be tied to your desktop as your software and data are all stored on a local hard drive, restricting your ability to work flexibly. Cloud accounting software changes this, allowing you to work on any platform – even mobile devices – so long as you have the correct log-in information. With cloud services, you or any member of your company can access information with ease no matter where you are.

An additional benefit is the improved security of cloud services. The only people who are allowed access information are designated members of the accounting team, meaning that your important accounting data is locked until accessed by a team member.

Before making the move to the cloud, make sure you analyze whether the systems that you need are available and will work remotely. It may cost a few dollars to implement, nut the long terms savings will be huge.

Move to the Cloud

And Save a Ton of Money Doing So
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