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Is Your Accounting Services Miami Listening?

Your client’s want more than just Accounting Services Miami  — they want you to pay attention

Accounting Services Miami with a burgeoning stable of small-business clients understand their need for attention — to be both seen and heard.

And not just by their service provider. At a time when the Internet and social media can narrow the competition between small Accounting Services Miami and their larger competitors, these clients are constantly seeking a wider audience.

Accounting Services Miami owned by Gustavo A Viera CPA recognized an opportunity to give just that to a client’s earlier this year, after receiving an e-mail from the Florida Institute of CPAs soliciting a female minority business owner for a conference panel.

Appropriately, the session was titled “What Do We Need to Do to Stimulate Main Street?” and was scheduled for the FICPA’s 125th anniversary celebration and Spring Meeting of Council in Washington, D.C., last May.

Accounting Services Miami owned by Gustavo A Viera CPA recognized an opportunity when he received the e-mail and immediately sent it to everyone, to see if there was some way we could highlight one of our clients in this.

Viera immediately thought of one of his small-business clients, who owned a small Fashion Jewelry, who jumped at the chance to participate. “I was honored that they thought that much of me to even invite me to such a big event,” Lynn said. “For me, that locked it in. I knew, hands down, they were the right Accounting Services Miami firm for me. It really takes that relationship to another level and locks it in, when they see the value I bring, and my business, and want to celebrate that.” It gave her an opportunity to showcase her business and gave her the ability to be in D.C. and speak on a topic that’s very important to her.


This taps into the more recent practice of “social listening,” usually wielded by companies attempting to follow consumer needs and trends though social media accounts, but equally useful for Accounting Services in Miami looking to offer a more full-service client experience.

As an entrepreneur for the last 22 years, and in her seventh year as owner of her current business, Lynn appreciates both sides of the conversation. “I can read [my customer’s] newsfeeds, [Facebook] walls, posts, and they can be so shocked I know small things about them – it’s called relationships,” she said. And in her role as client, “It’s important for Accounting Miami Firms to know their customers. Social media gives you that inside look without being too invasive. You can stay on their corporate Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.”

I think Facebook is the best way to show firm personality. That we’re not a stodgy accounting firm in Miami and we’re not trying to be.

Of course, the more casual tone and format of Facebook will not suit every client. We have a shotgun approach where we do a little bit of everything. “You never know the best way to communicate; everyone communicates differently, whether through Facebook or networking. It depends on the demographic of the clients.


Tone is less tricky when meeting in person, which many declare the ideal method of communication.

A consistent relationship between the appointed CPA and the business owner is especially critical.

This feeds into a larger issue of retention which VieraCPA reported growth in its smaller-business client base last year and outfits each of its primarily Healthcare middle-market clients with both an audit and tax partner.

The continuity of staff is of great importance, to the extent we can. Probably industry-wise, we have a lower rate of turnover in our staff. This allows deeper bonds to form over time and an advisory presence far outside the firm office.




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