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HHA Business Plan Outline

HHA Business Plan Outline

Sample HHA Business Plan

For the application of licensure with AHCA and certification with Medicare

As Miami Healthcare Accountants specializing in Healthcare Accounting, we prepare custom HHA Business Plan for startup Home Healthcare Agencies or Change of Ownership. Accountants in Miami have been Healthcare Accountants for more than 20 years. We provide a wide range of Healthcare Accounting services to HHA throughout Florida.

AHCA now requires an HHA Business Plan along with the AHCA Proof of Financial Ability to Operate for new HHA’s or change of ownership to be prepared by a CPA. The Healthcare Business Plan requires very specific knowledge of healthcare accounting which our Healthcare Accountants are diligent in keeping up with every new law.

We have prepared a partial sample Healthcare Business Plan to help Home Healthcare Agency owners understand the requirements and in-depth analysis required by AHCA. The Healthcare Business Plan should start with the Executive Summary.


XYZ Corp. is a Home Healthcare Agency, organized on June 1, 20XX as a private for-profit corporation looking to be licensed by AHCA in Florida and certified by Medicare and Joint Commission accredited.

XYZ Corp. is planning on operating a Home Health Agency in the Miami-Dade Area and licensed by AHCA in Florida and certified by Medicare and Joint Commission accredited.

The initial capital contribution, as calculated on Form 3100-0009 AHCA Proof of Financial Ability to Operate, is $000,000 to be deposited in full prior to submission of licensed by AHCA in Florida and certified by Medicare and Joint Commission accredited, prepared and signed by a Healthcare Accountants CPA.

The HHA Business Plan should continue with the objectives and mission statement section which looks something like this:


The objectives of the company are:

1)      Recruit and train a specialized technical force to provide Skilled Nursing, Therapies, and Home Health Aide services beyond the expected standard.

2) Develop among the company personnel a culture of efficiency, work quality, and personal responsibility on service rendered.


XYZ Corp. is dedicated to providing quality home health care and other health services to patients in Florida, offering a high level of professionalism, efficiency, and compassion; complementing services provided by hospitals, doctor’s clinics, and other health institutions that require home care.

Next, we have to get into the nuts and bolts of Healthcare Accounting and projected revenue streams:


The company plan to offer the following services:

a) Skilled Nursing at RN and LPN level

b) Home Health Aide and CNA

c) Physical Therapy

d) Occupational Therapy

e) Social Worker Services

f) Speech Therapy

The Market Analysis is the most complex and where we as Healthcare Accountants with over 20 years of Healthcare Accounting experience really add value. The HHA Business Plan market analysis data is statistical in nature. Here is a sample:


The State of Florida has, an estimated population of 18,801,310 in 2010: from this total, about 17.2 % are 65 or older (U.S. Census Bureau, Quick Facts).

However, projections show that that percentage will grow even more 13.82% by 2015 and 2030 (taken from Data on County Aging Services Needs Assessment, University of South Florida, October 3, 2007), even the Florida state general population rate of increase in the last 8 years was over 14.7% and the above-mentioned projection foresees growth of over 15% from 2000 to 2020. We conclude that the market for serving the needs of the older population (those over 65) will have an increase in demand in these Counties in the next 5—10 years.

The Healthcare Business Plan continues with Level of Competition, Market Strategy, Timeline, Personnel, Recruiting & Retention Strategy, Admission Policies, and more.

If you’re thinking about starting or buying an HHA, give us a call for a free initial consultation.

Sample Healthcare Business Plan Will Help You Get Started

Sample Healthcare Business Plan Will Help You Get Started. Accountant in Miami, experts preparing hundreds of these and can help you avoid omission letter

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