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Health Care Accounting Cycle

Health Care Accounting Cycle

Health Care Accounting Cycle starts with recording a transaction and ends with the closing of books by your Health Care Accountants.

‘The Health Care Accounting Process’ itself is quite a vast topic to discuss. There are numerous factors involved in it which finally complete the cycle. The Health Care accounting process is also known as the Health Care Accounting Cycle. It starts with recording a transaction and ends with the closing of books by your Health Care Accountants. There are several methods used to record, analyze, and finally close the data as the final data of the year. Double-checking the transactions recorded analysis of the data and creating a balance sheet for the upcoming year is also a part of this process.

Health Care Accounting site 5 major steps that complete the Health Care accounting process. The following are the 5 steps:

Identifying the Event:

Identification of a transaction or any other similar event which needs to be recorded is the first step in the Health Care accounting process. The Health Care Accountants need to recognize whether this event is of any value to the accounting books of the company or not.

Preparing Source Documents:

The second step is to prepare the source document of the transaction. The source document can be a promissory note, an invoice, and so on. Without the creation of this document, it won’t be possible to record the transaction.

Analysis of the transactions:

Analyzing and classifying the transactions refers to quantifying the transaction in monetary terms. This means that the money paid or the credit created should be present for the recording.

Recording Transactions:

This part includes recording the transactions into the journals. There are different journals such as the purchase journal, sales journal, and so on. Each transaction needs to be recorded in its respective journal.

Analyzing Entries:

By transferring the entries to the ledgers and then finally into the balance sheets and income statement, a double check is made on the credibility of the transactions. In various cases, while transferring the transactions to the ledgers, faults are spotted in the recording by the Health Care Accountants.

These are the five basic steps of the Health Care accounting process. Without these steps, it is impossible for an organization to check the profit and loss of the year.

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