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Electronic Filing e-file

Electronic Filing e-file

Top Frequently Asked Questions for Electronic Filing e-file

  1. What software is approved for IRS e-file?
  2. We will be filing a joint tax return. Can we file our return electronically?
  3. How can I participate as an electronic filing Provider?
  4. I filed electronically but my tax return was rejected. What do I do now?
  5. My electronic tax return keeps getting rejected for a dependent’s social security number used more than once or on another return. I have verified the social security numbers of all my dependents with the Social Security Administration and no one else is authorized to claim our children on their taxes. How do I correct this error so that an e-file return will go through?
  6. I don’t owe taxes. Can I file electronically after April 15th?
  7. If I file electronically, what do I do with my W-2 forms?
  8. How do I sign my tax return when I e-file using Online Filing software?

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