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The Best Accountants are Problem Solvers

The Best Accountants are Problem Solvers

Consider these five words: The best accountants solve problems.

When we think about the best accountants money can hire, compare them to beloved brands out there today. Many managed to get off on the right foot by solving a problem or filling a void. We can look at Google, for example, whose mission to create a faster, user-friendly search experience has led to a full-fledged web empire. We can also look at a more concrete, simple solution in the form of a company such as Square, which managed to provide businesses the ability to accept credit on-the-go with little more than the power of a smartphone.

Whether by getting us from point A to point B or simply saving us tax dollars, the best accountants make their mark by tackling a problem and make a big impression on their clients. That impression matters when it comes time to motivate that client, by getting them to act, click or buy, as Google would say. Is your accountant considered among the best accountants and problem solvers?

Chances are that your accountant solves some of your problems, although the extent of that problem may not be clear to you or your accountant. These details are easy to overlook when you’re considering your business strategy; however, the best accountants’ problem solving can be paramount in your marketing efforts and can help establish both your company and product. How so?

The Best Accountants Benefits of Solving Problems

Creating a Narrative For Your Business

Solving a problem establishes a narrative for your clients. Its clear accountants are bean counters; however, so often we see businesses fail to capitalize upon their accountant’s advice. In fact, many accountants present themselves as someone trying to get ahead rather than someone trying to solve a client’s problem. Such a “rat race” narrative does nothing to make your firm stand out in a crowd or motivate your clients to interact.

Conversely, the best accountants that solve problems have the potential to craft a truly compelling narrative surrounding the purpose of their client’s businesses and how the problems they assisted with help spawn a successful entrepreneur. Such a story offers something unique to your clients and allows you to break away from the other accountants on the block. While there may be others attempting to solve the same problem your competitors are tackling, your story is completely original to you. Take that story into consideration as you grow your CPA Firm presence both online and off.

Making Your Accounting Firm Relatable

As mentioned earlier, there are others that have faced the problems, which your accounting firm is trying to solve. For this reason, problem-solving is allows a key opportunity for your CPA Firm to become more relatable as a whole. It’s frustrating when I visit a business client and feel like they’re speaking an entirely different language or completely fail to connect. When it comes to your clients, consider the fact that you have the ability to reach just about anyone that has faced the dilemmas you have faced. What do you have to offer them? Information? Advice? You’re accounting and tax knowledge? The business acumen that helps you relate and build trust among your potential clients who are facing serious problems. No, I say listen and learn to speak their language. Things are not always as they appear. Jumping to conclusions can be detrimental to you and your client. A mistake very few clients will forgive, but embrace those who do, and do what you have to solve their problems. Go the extra mile.

The Best Accountants Build Credibility One Client at a Time

In addition to establishing trust, problem-solving helps build your CPA Firm’s credibility. So often we see CPAs offer solutions with absolutely nothing to back up their claims. Recently, I ran across a CPA firm’s website that promised a settle tax debts with the IRS per penny on the dollar. Really? Be realistic in terms of the problem-solving capabilities that your accounting firm can tackle and offer legitimate solutions to your client base. If your business has the ability to take on a problem, take the time to prove it to your clients.

The Don’ts of Problem Solving 

When it comes to problem-solving or just about any other aspect of your CPA Firm, don’t tell tall tales or make promises you can’t keep. As mentioned above, one of the key elements of solving problems is to build your firm’s credibility rather than undermine it. In an increasingly transparent digital age, clients are able to see through any false claims even the best accountants attempts to make. Start small and build up when it comes to solving problems and don’t tackle problems that your firm cannot handle.

Never Stop Solving Problems 

While your accounting firm may tackle a particular problem, continue to present challenges to your staff and help your clients understand how you’ve overcome them. As there’s always room for improvement, you need to work to understand your shortcomings with your own professional services and how to solve those problems. Problem-solving has the ability to snowball, which both create more work for you and your firm yet also creates the opportunity for vast reward. How so?

Consider that the best accountants and clients alike are constantly overcoming obstacles. If you’re doing the same, you have the wisdom to offer. Weave your problem-solving experiences, skills, and stories into your CPA firm’s overall message, marketing, and content strategies. Each problem your firm has overcome has the potential to become a story or blog post, for example. You have the ability to reach out to your clients with surveys, emails, and infographics concerning what sort of problems they face and what they need to overcome them. This sort of engagement starts a conversation and keeps your accounting firm in front of a dedicated audience. Furthermore, such engagement also makes your CPA Firm out to be an authority. It shows that you care and further shows that you’re willing to go out of your way to solve your client’s problems. While such a marketing strategy may not seem like much, this sort of behavior and dedication is what causes clients to evangelize your CPA Firm.

The Bottom Line

In short, there’s plenty to learn when it comes to the problems that your client faces and there’s much to be gained from taking the time to understand how to solve such problems. Historically, the best accountants are problem solvers, not bean counters or tax preparers. What sort of problems are you solving?

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