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Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Litigation Support Provide Consultation and Support to Attorney and which supports attorneys current and pending cases and part of forensic accounting.

Litigation Support, it turns out, is no more confined to expert witness testimony than the solar system is to Earth. Earth is what we know most about and it’s where our understanding begins. However, everything doesn’t revolve around us and we’re steadily becoming an incrementally smaller part of something much larger that’s constantly expanding.

So, it is with Litigation Support services, which have evolved far beyond the realm of expert witnesses. Today, Litigation Support includes the prevention of Litigation, the uncovering of Litigation, the organization of Litigation, the post-judgment or post-settlement administration of Support-particularly class action Litigation Support-and the reconstruction and reorganization of businesses affected by Litigation Support.

In other words, the days have long passed when Litigation Support consisted of private investigators, accountants and university professors responding to last-minute calls from counsel as an adjunct to their primary activities. Nowadays, Litigation Support is a multi-million dollar business that adds investigative services, business valuation and damage quantification, forensic accounting, computer forensics (the who, what, when and where of computer usage), interim management services and evidence management to its historical role of providing expert witnesses.

A Growth Industry

Litigation Support:  the process of taking a case through court. The Litigation Support or legal process is most common in civil lawsuits. In Litigation Support, there is a plaintiff (one who brings the charge) and a defendant (one against whom the charge is brought).

Litigation Support: all activities, usually within the law firm, that is designed to prepare a lawyer to try a case, including document review, interviewing witnesses, and case preparation. Litigation Support activities include the organization of documents, including paper-based document management, but increasingly through technology such as Litigation Support software and systems. Documents are organized into searchable databases for review and production.

So, what is Litigation Support software?

Software specifically developed for use in the legal environment. Litigation Support software such as Summation, LexisNexis Casemap and LexisNexis Timemap give a legal team an efficient and time-saving way to organize, manage, store, retrieve, understand, analyze and summarize a large amount of data, documents and information gathered during a case while saving time and money.

 Whether the legal team has court documents, pleadings, contracts, interrogatories, audio, video, blueprints, expert witness reports or testimony to keep track of, it can all be entered into a Litigation Support program for storage, organization and easy retrieval. Litigation Support software doesn’t just store, organize and handle Litigation Support documents, it can also help the team track internal organizational knowledge about the case, be used to develop timelines of a case, keep track of scheduling docket reports and store case diaries and notes made during the Litigation Support process.

 Litigation Support can be done in-house by law firm staff, or by a company that specializes in Litigation Support, such as Borrowed Ladder or Info Cache Corp.

Why is Litigation Support software beneficial? Isn’t it easier just to file everything neatly away in tidily labeled folders and boxes instead of having to learn new software?

Litigation Support

A litigation support service company provides resources for legal professionals. ... If a client, legal professional, or paralegal needs information concerning a particular case or law they will contact or hire a litigation support team to aid in research efforts.

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