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Finding a Certified Public Accountant at Tax Time

Six out of ten taxpayers turn to expert Certified Public Accountant for help each year with their 1040 tax preparation.

When talking to your friends about their taxes, they may share a number of stories about how “my Certified Public Accountant helped me save money” or “my Certified Public Accountant got me out of trouble with the IRS.” If you want to rest easy in knowing that your taxes are in proper order, it is worth your while to search for a Miami Certified Public Accountant to help you handle your taxes at tax time and throughout the year.

Ask for recommendations

Generally, the best way to find a Certified Public Accountant is to ask friends and family to provide recommendations. If they have had success with a particular professional, chances are good that you can have success with that person as well.

Check qualifications

After narrowing down your choices to a few different Certified Public Accountant, be sure to check on their credentials. Both the National Society of Accountants and the American Institute of Accountants has an online directory available that you can check.

Fail to ask questions

When meeting with Certified Public Accountant, be sure to ask plenty of questions. Ask questions about the professional’s audit experience, areas of tax specialty, fee structure and availability. This way, you are better able to determine whether or not the professional is able to meet your needs.

Wait until late into the tax season

If you wait until it is late into the tax season, you are likely to have trouble finding a Certified Public Accountant who is available to take on new clients. To get the best results, start looking early in the season, and forge a relationship before things get too hectic.

By following these simple tips, you can join in with your friends as you discuss all that “my accountant” is capable of doing. At the same time, you can rest assured you pay only as much toward your taxes as you absolutely must.


IRS tax code keeps expanding. Within a century, it has grown from a mere few hundred pages to contain over five million words and around 75,000 pages. It’s no wonder that approximately six out of 10 taxpayers turn to hired experts for help.

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