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AHCA CHOW of Change of Ownership means an event in which the licensee sells or otherwise transfers its ownership to a different individual or entity as evidenced by a change in federal employer identification number or taxpayer identification number, or an event in which fifty-one percent (51%) or more of the ownership, shares, membership, or controlling interest of a licensee is in any manner transferred or otherwise assigned. A AHCA CHOW of Change of Ownership application, fees, and all other required forms must be received by the agency at least 60 days prior to the date of change of ownership. Refer to Licensing Requirements for more information. Complete and submit the Health Care Clinic Licensing Application, Health Care Licensing Application Addendum, and Proof of Financial Ability to Operate Form.

All licensed health care clinics must apply for the renewal of their license at least 60-days before the license’s expiration date. You will receive a renewal reminder postcard at least 90 days prior to the expiration of your license.  To ensure that you receive timely notice, please visit www.FloridaHealthFinder.gov  to verify that your mailing address is accurate.

Health Care Clinics are required to request a change of address after a AHCA CHOW of Change of Ownership by submitting a completed Health Care Clinic Licensing Application. The application must be received by the Agency 21 to 120 days in advance of the effective date of the change of location. Refer to Rule 59A-35.040(2)(b)(9), F.A.C.

If the applicant is required to register or file with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations, the mailing address submitted with the licensure application for the applicant must be the same as the information registered with the Division of Corporations. Refer to Rule 59A-35.060(4), F.A.C.

Failure to submit an application prior to a change of address constitutes unlicensed activity. Refer to Rule 59A-35.040(4), F.A.C.


Applications received prior to the change of address but less than 21 days in advance will be subject to a $500 fine. Refer to Rule 59A-35.040(3), F.A.C.

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