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Accountants Miami FL (or CPA’s) process and communicating financial information about the corporation’s economic entities including via financial statements what is the role of an Accountant for small business owners? An accountant is a professional who is responsible for keeping and interpreting financial records. Most Accountants Miami FL are responsible for a wide range of finance-related tasks, either for individual clients or for larger businesses and organizations employing them
There are three major areas of accounting:
Financial Accounting:
Financial accounting is where accounting deals with external parties interested in the business firm. According to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), it provides the most important financial collecting and reporting functions for business for small business owners.
Financial statements produced for the benefits of your external investors by Accountants Miami FL for small business owners. Investors need to be able to get a review of financial statements such as the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows to decide whether they should invest in this business firm or remain invested in the company, or not.
Financial statements are of interest to another group of external individuals- the creditors of the firm. Creditors are the bond-holders of the firm or they could be the debt-holders of the firm. Creditors are individuals who loaned money to the firm and are interested in receiving a return on their investment and, eventually, a return on their principal.

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