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State and Local Taxes

State and Local Taxes

We provide a complete range of State and Local Taxes services to satisfy our clients’ needs. Our State and Local Taxes services range from full-service sales, use and tax reviews, to more selective engagements designed to resolve specific client problems or concerns. Our areas of expertise are:

State Audit Representation – work directly with you to insure that every possible credit and exemption is applied against state audit assessments. The objective is to minimize or eliminate assessments, including penalties and interest. Our approach often produces credit opportunities that companies with less-experienced tax practitioners will miss. When disputes arise, we also vigorously defend client positions within the established appeal system, or retain third party legal counsel as necessary from high-profile law firms that specialize in state tax practice.

Tax Refund Reviews – We conduct on-site, detailed reviews of accounting records to examine purchasing transactions for potential tax refunds. Our consultants frequently augment resource-limited corporate tax departments to take advantage of these opportunities before statute periods expire. Confidentiality of documentation and records is strictly maintained at all times.

Tax Planning – As a result of our on-site review and analysis, we identify procedural strengths and weaknesses, and recommend long-term tax planning initiatives. The objective is to produce a structured state and local tax management system – or to significantly enhance a program that is already in place.

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