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QuickBooks Online for Accountants

As an Accountant providing QuickBooks Support Miami and after nearly 10 years and approximately 280,000 users on its QuickBooks Online product, Intuit has released a free, “pilot” version of the product designed specifically for accountants. The company unveiled the Intuit-hosted product at Sleeter Group’s 2011 Accounting Solutions Conference in Las Vegas.

QuickBooks Online Accountant was designed to make it easier for accountants providing QuickBooks Support Miami to use the key functions they need right after logging in, including client contact information and report status. An Accountant Center offers tips for first-time users, product update information, and one-click access to created reports and reconciliations.

As an Accountant providing QuickBooks Support Miami we had two goals in mind with QuickBooks Online for Accountants: provide our clients the ability to manage client data in one place and perform essential accounting work faster. The last couple of years as an Accountant providing QuickBooks Support Miami we have seen a big turn in our online offerings, with 40 percent growth in the past year alone.  But we were finding that our accountants providing QuickBooks Support Miami were having difficulty finding the key things they needed. Thats why Intuit designed QuickBooks Online for Accountants to support accountants and help them with their workflow. As an Accountant providing QuickBooks Support Miami we are also providing clients with a powerful collaboration tool so they can work in real-time with our accountants.

Key features in QuickBooks Online for Accountants include one-click access to key features and reports and the ability to see a snapshot reconciliation of all accounts. Our Accountants can also troubleshoot prior reconciliations to detect changes, and undo prior reconciliations if needed. Our Accountants also have the ability to reclassify transactions in batches and write off bad debt in batches, and find missing transactions with one click.

QuickBooks Online for Accountants has already been beta tested by several hundred accountant partners providing QuickBooks Support Miami and hopefully will remain free to the accountants.


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