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Miami Small Business – 10 Tips for Turning around Flagging Sales and Boosting your Revenues

Miami Accountant: If your sales are struggling and revenues are falling, it’s essential to conduct a full review of your small business to understand where things have gone wrong and where the opportunity lies for turning things around.

This is, of course, easier said than done when you are living and breathing this stuff each day, but here are some tips that can help you stand back from your day-to-day business and build a plan for a successful turn-around.

1. As the Owner and Manager, It all Starts With You

Be honest, are you running your business as it should be run – holistically, with an eye on strategy and a finger on oversight, but without being buried in the day-to-day minutiae?

This is a toughie, especially if you are new to business or have experienced sudden growth. Running a business is not like having a job, unless you provide a very niche service to a small group of clientele, it’s rare that you can do everything yourself.

If this is you – try to step back and understand where you need help, whether it’s with accounting, marketing, building a better business Web site, or empowering your team, do it, it’s worth the investment. If you can’t afford help in these areas, consider outsourcing certain functions.

2. Embrace, rather than Retreat from Market Forces

Understanding and keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry is fundamental. Ask yourself – has the industry changed, do you still have a full grasp of the market and goals in place to go after that market? What is the competition doing? If they are doing well, take a hard look at what it is that you think your business is doing wrong, in the light of what your competition across town is doing right. Next, find a way to re-connect with your target market using those lessons learned – whether it’s diversifying your products or correcting your price points. Embrace, rather than retreat from market forces.

3. Give Your Customers What they Want

One of the hardest parts of running your own business is giving customers what they want, not what you think they want.

It sounds obvious, but to go back to the basics. Frequently the reason so many restaurants fail is that the restaurateur lacks a clear vision for his market, is not really in tune with his customer needs, and ends up trying too hard to keep everyone happy by offering hundreds of dishes but invariably fails because the restaurant can’t prepare a single dish well.

4. Manage your Inventory

Retail stores and restaurants have to manage inventory. If it doesn’t shift it quickly becomes money ill-spent and dated.  Your accountant can offer guidance on finding new and better ways to handle your inventory, including re-stocking, and its impact on cash flow and profitability, reporting inventory for tax purposes, warehousing, and how and when to take inventory.

5. Review your Pricing Policy

Review your cost base (constantly). Do you need to adjust pricing – how will this impact your customer relationships?  In reality, a low pricing strategy may increase customer interest but result in lost revenue, while a high pricing strategy may alienate customers.

6. What’s Your Image?

Perceptions are created based on several things – your product, price, your service, ease of doing business with you, your location, merchandising, and of course your marketing (signage, ads, Web site, etc.).

If you have doubts about your image or want to shake things up a little.

7. Revisit Your Business Plan and Plan Ahead

What were your original goals and how did you plan on getting there? Have market forces changed? Is there a new competitor in town? How is your budget?  If it’s going to take a new approach to get where you need to be, make sure you revisit your plan, benchmark your goals, and outline the elements that will help you get there (staffing, new markets, etc.).

8. Manage Cash Flow and Keep Good Records

Do you know where your money is going?  Are you budgeting wisely so that you know the interval of your monthly income and outgoings? Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. If you need to get a grip on your cash flow to help you ride the highs and lows of business call us 786-250-4450

9. Help Your Staff Help You Succeed

There are many ways of building successful teams that deliver exceptional customer service and ultimately help add to the value of your brand and improve sales – from employee incentive programs and empowerment activities, mentoring team members, hiring motivated employees, and more.

10. Get Help

Getting outside help, your accountants can help you objectively assess the state of your business and build an approach for turning it around.

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