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How Much Money Does Your Neighbor Make…Find Out Here


Individual Income Tax by ZIP Code Data for Tax Year 2008 is now available to download from the TaxStats website.

Would you like to know how much money your neighbors make on average?

The Statistics of Income Division is currently reviewing the methodology used to produce its annual ZIP code file in order to safeguard the confidentiality of individual taxpayer information.  In the meantime, a preliminary TY2008 dataset is available to download free of charge.  This preliminary file contains data for every U.S. ZIP code for which 250 or more returns were filed.  Variables include the number of returns filed, number of joint returns, number of returns by paid preparers, number of exemptions, number of dependents, Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), and 29 other financial fields broken out by AGI class. Unlike previous years’ ZIP code files, frequency counts for AGI and other financial fields are not provided. Depending on the results of the review process, we may be able to offer a more complete file in the future

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