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Litigation Support

Litigation Support

When a company loses something of value it is vital to protect its interests and establish its losses. We provide counsel with expert litigation support.

Litigation Support business disputes which arise for a host of reasons:

From anywhere across your global operations. And the consequences are unavoidable: they involve you in substantial costs, can deeply affect internal operations and can negatively affect how your stakeholders view the company.

In addressing such conflicts, you need to analyze and determine the financial effects and make informed decisions. Whether you’re facing a dispute arising from a merger or acquisition, a bankruptcy valuation, a significant insurance claim or a large-scale litigation, we can help make a difference by helping you reach your potential.

Managing data. Calculating Loss. Out litigation support analyzes complex damage analysis demands specialized skills. Our Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services help corporations and their outside counsels manage and resolve complex financial disputes.

Working with you or your counsel providing litigation support, we can develop calculations that may help you develop your litigation strategies. We assist in disputes related to:

Integrated services across Industries. Our experience spans many industries, including the manufacturing and retail sectors, financial services, health sciences and the energy industry. We work with a broad network to gather and evaluate evidence as we work with outside and corporate counsel to determine damages. We have ready access to the data analytics and computer forensic capabilities that may be necessary to support our analysis. And if the matter goes to trial, we also can provide professional testimony.

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