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Should I Buy a Franchise?

When most of us think about franchises, we are referring to the business-based franchise like the top 500 franchises published in Entrepreneur magazine each year. Entrepreneur’s 75 different categories range from automotive to services, but they all have one thing in common—a systematic method to deliver services or products.Franchising is not for everyone, but for an individual who has limited business experience or someone who enjoys working within an established system, franchising can be the best possible path.

Ten Tax Tips for Individuals Selling Their Home

Our Miami CPA Firm has some important information to share with individuals who have sold or are about to sell their home. If you have a gain from the sale of your main home, you may qualify to exclude all or part of that gain from your income. Here are ten tips from the IRS to keep in mind when selling your home.

I Will Never Outsource Again – Buy American!

As an owner of a small CPA firm, I have tested the waters over the past year outsourcing (also known as offshoring) certain marketing, sales, and IT functions to companies and individuals in India, Pakistan, Philippines, etc. I’m happy to say that I will never do it again. If you want quality, BUY AMERICAN!

How to Buy a Small Business – Tips From CPA

If you have your heart set on working for yourself, buying an existing business might be just the ticket–or it can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Know what you want and investigate your options aggressively. First, read How to Finance Your Business Idea. Then, do your research–the more you learn, the better your chances for success.

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