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3 Critical Ways CPA in Miami Can Keep Clients Happy

How loyal are your clients? You might be surprised. Only 57% of clients surveyed said their CPA in Miami were proving their worth, according to a recent report from Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA).

Yet those “Valued CPA in Miami ” got a clear payoff from clients, FICPA: greater loyalty, triple the number of referrals, and almost 50% higher share of a client’s business consulting.

What made clients satisfied? Three key traits were linked with being a valued CPA in Miami research found.

1. Long-term planning

The highly satisfied clients were more likely to have a CPA in Miami focused on long-term tax and business planning, the study found.

2. Comprehensive guidance:

Sixty-three percent of clients who had a “Valued CPA in Miami ” wanted their CPA to know everything about their personal and financial lives. And while the numbers were smaller, more clients who valued their CPA (29%) said they wanted holistic financial guidance than clients without valued CPA in Miami(18%).

3. Smart technology use:

This was particularly important with Gen X and Gen Y clients, 55% of whom said technology enhanced their relationship with their CPA in Miami (versus 28% for older clients. (Younger clients were also far more likely to use social media, phones and tablets in their financial activities.) But even among the overall respondents, more than twice as many satisfied clients said technology had enhanced their relationship with their CPA in Miami.

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