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Tax Season will Start Late This Year

Following last week’s tax law changes, the Internal Revenue Service announced today the upcoming tax season will NOT start on time for most people, but taxpayers affected by three recently reinstated deductions need to wait until mid- to late February to file their individual tax returns. In addition, taxpayers who itemize deductions on Form 1040 Schedule A will need to wait until mid- to late February to file as well.

Set Small Goals and Look Out for Yourself

When you decide to start a business, sometimes it is hard to predict what challenges you will meet. You will face many challenges before you even start the business. Once you get the ball rolling, you then need to keep it rolling. There is no room to relax when you are starting.  If I stop working or stop giving my full attention, I do not make money. I overcame the challenge by continuing to push. I worked hard and reinvested into my business.

12 Sure-Fire Steps to Improve Your Retail Sales

Successful retailers aren’t any more talented or intelligent than you are—they simply have learned to do things in a different way and make money in the process. Use the following 12 steps to improve your retail sales, you’ll simplify your efforts, multiply profits, and increase the odds of success.

Suffering from Business Burn Out? Fight Back with these Six Tips

For business owners and entrepreneurs, in particular, the sense of urgency to get as much accomplished in as little time as possible can become all-consuming. Whether it’s answering every email the instant it hits your Inbox, pre-empting every deadline, or getting into a sheer panic over the volume of work you need to do. Throw in the added pressure of maintaining a realistic work/life balance and you might just be looking at a serious case of business burn out.

5 Year-End Tax-Planning Moves for Business Owners

The end of the year is usually a hectic time for business owners like me, who are scrambling to wrap up activities while planning ahead for the new year. This December is particularly challenging because of continuing tax uncertainty. As a small-business owner and tax expert, I’ve decided to focus on what is known rather than on what is not known about tax rules and to take year-end actions that are helpful regardless of possible changes to tax rules.

7 Tax-Saving Year-End Tax-Planning Tips

Despite confusion created by recent and probable year-end tax legislation changes, the 2010 federal income tax environment is still quite favorable.

“We may not be able to say that after 2010; therefore, tax planning actions were taken between now and year-end may be more important than ever,” said Gustavo A Viera CPA, managing partner for the Tax & Accounting firm, in a statement. “Be careful, though—Congress could change the ball game before the end of the year.”

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