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15 Funny Comments Clients Say To Accountants

Accountants know tax season is stressful.  Oftentimes, accountants receive comments or questions from clients related to their return.  Based on a poll of accountants, tax preparers and CPA’s, here are 15 comments and questions received from clients which were found to be part of the humor needed to survive this stressful time of year.

This is not an intention to poke fun at a client for their comment or question, but is useful for educating a client who may not understand the tax ramifications of their particular situation.

1.  “If I made that much money where did it go,” and expect me to know the answer.

2.  “I can’t owe that much.  I don’t have that much.”

3.  A client was sent an invoice which said, “For preparation of tax returns.”  He called and asked the accountants how soon he’d be getting that “return” because he needed the money ASAP.

4.   “Can you just use the same numbers as last year?”

5.  “See if the tax accountants can provide a ‘revised W-2’ for me.  I’m trying to  refinance my home and would like it if the W-2 showed that I made ‘less’ money than what is stated.  Can the tax accountants re-vise this for me?”

6.  “How much can a bank deposit before it is considered income?”

7.  “What am I supposed to sign these forms with?”

8.  “You should know how many miles I drove last year.  Don’t you guys just have a chart that figures mileage for a certain occupation?”

9.  “It won’t take you long.  I’ve sorted it all out so that it will cost less.”

10.  “The form says, ‘cut along this line’; should I do that?”

11.  “Can I come by tomorrow to get my taxes done by the deadline?  I don’t want to have to pay penalties!”

12.  “Can I claim the water I drink while working?”

13.  “How much can I deduct for charitable contributions before they’ll audit me?”

14.  “I don’t have to file this year. I don’t have any income.”  When questioned about their job and even the W-2 & 1099s, the response was “No, I spent all that.  There is nothing left I have to pay tax on.”

15.  “What do you mean I can’t deduct all my personal grocery bills?”

Bonus:  “I can’t be overdrawn, I still have checks left.”

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