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How to Know When Your CPA Isn’t Really Working For You

How do you know if you are being well represented or simply wasting your money?
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Hire A Pro Accountants in Miami

As accountants in Miami we know you’re too busy running your business and may not have time to pay attention to accounting. Yet deep down you know finding the right accountants in Miami is critical for the success of your business. You know you need Accountant to help you.
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Tax Services

When it comes to Tax Services where taxpayers often feel a lot of anxiety during tax season. This is for good reason as you need to carefully go line by line and make sure that you are executing your income tax preparation done the right way. Why not hire a pro?
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Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services are designed to protect our client’s bottom line, that’s our business. We offer a complete range of financial reporting, income tax, and Consulting Services and advisory services to a diverse group of entities, privately owned and closely-held businesses, and high net worth individuals, operating in a wide range of industries. Please review a partial list of services provided below:
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Accounting Services

Prior to the 1980s, a lot of business functions were carried out in house. Businesses will employ a temporary member of staff to carry out the duties their regular staff could not undertake. This provision obviously increases the operation costs through recruitment, training, salaries, office space and other benefits.
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Virtual Accountant

Virtual Accounting Services has now taken the place of temporary staff amongst other roles in many organisations. Defined as the contracting out of a business function to an Virtual Accountant, Virtual Accounting Services is now a popular choice for businesses who want to streamline their processes.
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Gustavo & Daivisi Viera

Gustavo A Viera CPA

Daivisi Viera

Mr. Viera is the managing partner of Accountants in Miami. His experience spans more than 30 years. Experience in public accounting at PriceWaterHouseCoopers.  Fortune 500 experience includes positions as CFO – Latin America Region for both Hewlett Packard and Telefonica of Spain. He is licensed to practice in the State of Florida as a Certified Public Accountant.

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